Love Bug!


Valentine is coming up, to give you all a special treat for that occasion. So I made the “Love Bug” hat! The size is newborn +, but you can easily make it in a larger size. 🙂 The yarn I have used is from Hobby Lobby (can you imagne my face when the mailman gave me a note that a box from HobbyLobby was waiting for me at the post office. Because I knew I had not placed any order there. And when I saw the box my eyes almost popped out of my head, because it was huge!!!!), and its called Tender Touch (Yarn Bee). Used a  eu size hook 5. You will also need one chenille stem, two buttons for eyes and a button for the nose. I had these eye buttons in my cookiebox, but you can also cut out two round felt pieces and sew black buttons on them. Used two different buttons just to show that any  nose button goes. 🙂 If you want to make the hat and use it on a daily basis, I would reccomend to skip the stems and sew on the hearts as earflaps. 🙂


sc: single crochet

dc: double crochet

After every round, attach with a slip stitch in first dc, chain 3

The hat:

1:  Magic circle, 10 dc in circle

2: Dc 2 in in every dc.  Repeat round out. (20 dc)

3: Dc 2 in first stitch, dc in next.  Repeat round out. (30 dc)

4: Dc 2 in first stitch, dc in next two. Repeat round out. (40 dc)

5-9: Dc in every dc (40 dc), chain 1

10: Sc in every dc (40 dc)

Cut yarn and weave in all ends.



1: Chain 2, sc in second chain from hook, chain 1, turn

2: Sc 2 in sc, chain one, turn

3: Sc 2 in first sc, sc in next sc, chain 1, turn

4: Sc 2 in first sc, sc, sc 2 in last sc (5 sc), chain 1, turn

5: Sc in first two sc, chain 1, turn

6: Sc in two sc, chain one, turn

7: Sc in two sc, Cut and fasten yarn.

8: Attach yarn with a slip stitch on the other side in the first sc, chain one, sc in the same sc, sc in next. Chain one, turn.

9: Sc in two sc, chain one, turn

10: Sc in two sc, chain one and sc all the way around, but skip the little space between the hearts.

Cut and fasten the yarn, Weave in all ends.


Sew on eyes and nose (easier to do that before you attatch the stems).

Fold the stem double and make a V,


Be careful to hide the stem with yarn. I did it like:



Then you attach the hearts to the stem. Just sew it on. I used the same yarn to hide the stem ( I did not find my white stens. Think we used them all for Christmas. You can use pink, white, yellow etc..), so I just twisted the yarn all the way around.


The light pink Love bug.

IMG_7350 (1)

The dark pink Love Bug.

And if you dont want to have a nose


This was the first one I made. The antennas wouldnt quite cooporate with me, so I had to adjust it a bit. But thats the fun part. If you dont get it quite right the first time. Just try again.

And when you are searching for eyes and nose buttons..


Remember to have fun!

The yarn I recieved from HobbyLobby was a present form the talented Pedersen Photograpy! She is located in the US.  I made some photo props for her, and she and her husband sendt me the yarn.  Im related to her husband,   so It was so fun to be able to send them a few things. But I was truly stunned and grateful when I recieved the present. So again. Thank you!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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