“On the road again” crochet hat for boys ( and girls)!


Have to start with, that I have seen a picture of a hat like this. But could not find any pattern for it.. So I just made one. 🙂

My son loves cars! Especially his dads car. So when he looked at the colours he pointed out the blue one. Because he wanted the same colour he has on his (We have two cars. Wife car, my son refers to that one as “the bus”. Mummy drives a bus. And my husbands car. The truck).

Used reflecting yarn on the “road” and in the front/tail lights on the cars. I have used a yarn called SeeMe. So important to use reflecting wests and other reflecting products. We are not easy to spot when we walk in the dark.


My son is 4, but the hat also fit my 7 year old girl. Have used Drops Merino Extra Fine. 100% superwash wool. 50g(1.8 oz) = 105m (115 yds).

Eu hook 4


Ch =  Chain                       

Sl = Slip Stitch                  

Sc = Single crochet           

Hdc = Half double crochet

Dc = Double crochet    

The hat:

1: Magic Circle, 10 dc in circle

2: Increase in every dc (20 dc)

3: 2dc, dc,* 2dc, dc *  **repeat round out (30 dc)

4: *2 dc, dc, dc* Repeat round out (40 dc)

5:* 2 dc, dc in next three dc* Repeat (50 dc)

6: *2dc, dc in next four dc* Repeat round out  (60 dc)

7: *2dc, dc in next 5 dc* Repeat round out (70 dc)

8-14 : dc in each dc round out

Change colour to gray

15: Hdc in every dc (70 hdc)

16: Hdc in every Hdc

Change colour to white

17: Sc in every hdc (70 sc)

Change colour to gray

18: Hdc in every sc (70 Hdc)

19.Hdc in every hdc (70 Hdc)

Change colour to the one you started with in round one

20: Dc in every hdc

21: Dc in every dc

Do not cut yarn, but start direct on the first earflp.

Earflap 1:

1: Ch 3, 12 dc, chain 3 turn

2: Dc decrease, 8 dc, dc decrease, chain 3, turn

3: Dc 10, chain 3, turn

4: Dc decrease, dc 6, dc decrease, chain 3, turn

5: Dc 8, chain 3, turn

6:Dc decrease, dc 4, dc decrease, chain, 3 turn

7: Dc 6, chain 3, turn

8: Dc decrease, dc 2, dc decrease, chain 3, turn

9: Dc 4, cut yarn and fasten

Leave 25 stiches along the front, fasten yarn with a slip stitch. Chain three and repeat earflap one.

Sc all the way around the hat, fasten with a slip stitch in the first sc. Cut yarn and weave inn all ends.


The cars! 

Use a eu hook 3 and a yarn ith the same wheight as Drops safran.

1: Chain 8 (including one chain to turn with.

2: Sc 7, chain one, turn

3:sc 7, chain 7, fasten with a slip stitch in the third sc. Chain one

4: Sc 3 in the chain loop and fasten with a slip stitch in the 4 ch,

5: Chain 4, fasten with a slip stitch in the 5 sc, chain one.

6: Sc all the way around, but in each loop, sc 6

Cut yarn and leave a tail for sewing.

Tires: Magic circle, hdc 6, fasten with a slip stitch.

Sew them on the car.

I used yellow to embroider on front and tail lights.

For this hat i made 4 cars. Two in the front and two in the back.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening and please let me know if you have any questions about the pattern. 🙂

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