Crochet mandala!


Hope you all had a wonderful start on you week!

Today I went yarn shopping, so I can start to make the crochet tunic with raglan again. And write down the pattern as I go (wish me luck). Luckily I still have the first one I made, so I can see what I did. Yeey me!


This is the colours I have planned for the tunic. Quite exited about them. The yellow is mustard. Came ut a bit wrong on the photo. Hopefully it shows better when the tunic i done. 🙂

Yesterday was a fun day. Have seen these crochet mandalas. And tried a few. They are so fun! So I decided to try to make a pattern on my own.


Tadaa! Used som scrap yarn ( cotton) and a eu hook 3

I even tried to draw the pattern up. Wonder if there is  a drawing program for these things. So I could just put the symbols into the pattern. Anyway..



My drawing.. And by the looks of it.. Luckily I wrote it down. 😀

Eu hook 3 and cotton yarn (like drops safran 50g = aprox 160m)

I fastened the thread for every round. So I started fresh in each sc or chain space.

Ch: Chain

Sc: Single crochet

Dbl crochet : Double crochet

Cluster: 3 dbl crochet together

In each rounds with clusters, the first cluster starts with a chain 3.

1. : Chain 7 and fasten with a slip sticth

2: Sc 14

3: Cluster in a single crochet, chain one, cluster in next sc. Repeat all the way around (14 clusters).

4: Cluster in chain space, chain 2, cluster in next chain space. Repeat all the way around (14 clusters).

5: Sc 2 in chain space, sc 2 in top of the cluster. Repeat all the way around (56 sc).

6: Start in any sc, cluster, chain 2, skip 2 sc, cluster. Repeat round out. (19 clusters).

7: In each chain space, *cluster, chain 2 cluster* chain one , repeat in every chain space. (38 clusters)

8: Cluster and 1 chain in every chain space (38 clusters)

9: Start in any chain space, 5 dbl crochet, next chain 1 sc. Repeat round out.

Fasten and cut all yarn ends.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


🙂 I wish you all a wonderful evening! 🙂

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