Hungry monster gift box!

I called these the “Hungry monster” gift box. I made these when my daugther went to a birthdayparty. So she could put the gift inside. She was quite happy to give the gift, cause the “wrapping” was kinda uniqe. I saw a picture of a chicken made this way. And found it quite amazing. So hats off to the person ho came with the idea first.! I think many crocheters have been inspired to make their own versions of these. And the best part. You can eat the chocolate as an excuse to get to the box. I usually ask my kid if I can have theirs. The empty boxes. And because im worth it, I hide my chocolate and eat it when the kids have gone to sleep. Or they don`t look. 😀

These are crocheted in cotton yarn (Drops Safran) ,  eu hook 3


Magic Ring, 7 hdc (half double crochet) in the ring.

* Increase in each hdc = 14 hdc.

* Increase in every 2nd hdc = 21 hdc.

* Work 3 rounds of hdc.

* 5 sc (single crochet) , than chain 16

Join to beg. of the first sc. (make sure you don`t twist your chains).

* Hdc in each of the 5 sc and in the 16 ch = 21 hdc.

* Work 4 rounds of hdc.

* Decrease in every 2. = 14hdc.

* Decrease in  each = 7 hdc.

* Cut and fasten thread.

Found button eyes and a rose from my cookie box (I use a cookie box for all my buttons and small “nice to have” stuff).

So I attached the eyes. And sewed on ​​the rose.

I wish you all a wonderful evening. :))

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